The Packtronics PUR-800 P.U. Recorder is a new innovative product. It is a Quality Control instrument, which was developed for accurate measurement of pasteurisation of packaged products in tunnel pasteurisers. This pasteurising data logger is a robust handheld instrument which will withstand the harsh conditions subject to the product in the tunnel pasteuriser. It is user friendly and operate in todays IT environment to download the measurement results on LAN systems. Information such as adjustable Lethal values, maximum temperatures and product-out temperatures are a few of the calculated results.

The P.U. Recorder is a battery powered microprocessor based instrument used to record and verify process variables in tunnel pasteurizers. This instrument is designed to be robust and easy to operate. It will also provide critical information to skilled technicians responsible for effective pasteurizer operation.

The  P.U. Recorder measures and records the product temperature as well as the spray water temperature, while travelling through the pasteurizer. During this process no external attachments are required. When removed from the pasteurizer it can be connected to a Personal Computer or a stand alone printer to download recorded results and graphical data via USB.